Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament 18 August 2018

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament 18 August 2018

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This is registration for The Games Tavern hosted amazing Warhammer 40K Doubles tournament on 18 August 2018
Note: Players must sign up with a partner.
Doors open at 10:00 and tournament starts at 11:00.
See rules below and Tournament Organizer contact information is at the bottom.
The Games Tavern Doubles Tournament Rules
Many of the rules for this tournament come from the ITC tournament format.

​Players are expected to be familiar with this format. All rules for the ITC
format are assumed to be in effect for the tournament unless stated otherwise. In
addition, the Games Workshop April FAQ and beta rules are in effect.
Force Selection
Players must select a 1000 point force. Each player will be awarded the Command points for selecting a battle forged army individually. Command points may not be shared between players.
All command abilities, psychic powers, etc. may only affect models in the same army as the model which possesses/casts them (ex, even if an ability affects Ultramarines keyword models and your partner has an Ultramarines keyword model in their army then your models ability does not affect them.)
Your partners units are not considered friendly models for the purposes of being
targeted by your model’s abilities.

Missions and Terrain - Players will use ITC Simplified Missions. The mission for
each round will be randomly determined. Armies- Proxies are not allowed, unless it is counts as. ​
Please speak to a TO for approval of any counts as models.

All models must adhere to the three color minimum and based standard as per ITC guidelines.

Schedule & Signup

The tournament will take place on August 18th
Army lists are due no later than one week before the date of the tournament (August 11th).

Note that this means that we are only using rules which are released before the list
submission date.
Players must sign up with a partner.

Tournament Day

The tournament will start at 11:00 on August 18th.

The tournament will have a variable number of rounds based on how many players sign up.

The first round will use the rules detailed above with the players chosen partner.
However, in every round after the first, players will be randomly matched up with
other players from winning teams until there are two players remaining, who will
be the champions.

Each round will be limited to 3 hours, including setup and
cleanup. Each game will be allowed the same number of player turns.
What to Bring

Any pertinent rules for your army (Codex, Rulebook, FAQ), dice, tape measure, additional gaming aids, a copy of the mission packet, objective markers and 4 typed copies of your list.

Lists, as well as any questions, comments or concerns may be emailed to the Tournament Organizer Gabriel Lewis at gpl7794@gmail.com.