110 TGT Basic Scenery Course - Sunday 3PM-5PM

110 TGT Basic Scenery Course - Sunday 3PM-5PM

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This is a private limited space scenery/terrain course provides each student with a set of skills to make their own terrain in four 2 hour sessions.

The course walks students through the complete design, building, basing, priming, painting, applying washes or glazes and adding depth to a terrain piece by our highly trained and experienced staff walking students through each of the steps and focusing on the fundamentals which create great looking terrain which is sturdy enough for war games play.

Taught in four sessions of two hour blocks at a time and date TBD.

Students get to take home a scenery piece which they make themselves from materials in the course.Typically a hill or a trees stand

Pre-Requisite Course - Basic Miniatures Painting Course or Instructor Approval