Making reservations for your private room or table is even easier!

Many of you have been into the shop and know unless a table is reserved most game tables are first come first serve.That is going to continue as it always has been.

Sometimes you really want to make sure your colleagues and yourself have a table or room available at a certain time and that is where reservations come in.

We wanted to make it easier to provide you with legendary service when you reserve a room or table at the shop.

So we integrated a new online reservations system which will allow you to make reservations for tables or the private game rooms for your group.

Make a reservation right now! - Your epic games are waiting!

What a great way to make your games with your friends a bit special.

When you make a reservation for a room or table we do our best to honor requests for specific scenery types or room configurations as well. Just ask.

See you soon,